Ellen DeGeneres Surprised Fans With a “Friends” Reunion

Friends’ fans were treated to a much deserved mini reunion!

Ellen DeGeneres stages a surprise Friends reunion on Tuesday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 

Courtney Cox, who played Monica Gellar on the series, came to Ellen to promote her new Facebook Watch docuseries about pregnancy,  Nine Months with Courteney Cox.

DeGeneres decided to help Cox get more exposure for her new series with photoshoot on a fake Central Perk set so Cox would have something to post on Instagram (though she hasn’t joined yet but is thinking about seriously!). And in walks Lisa Kudrow!

“I wanted to be there for you,” Kudrow told a surprised Cox.

“You’re here!” Cox said. “This is a shock.”

New episodes of Nine Months air Tuesdays and Wednesdays on Facebook Watch. Check out the adorable reunion photo below!