Chris Evans and Tom Holland Reunite For “The Devil All the Time”

If Marvel movies didn’t give you enough scenes of Chris Evans and Tom Holland playing against each other, we’ve got some good news for you. They’re about to team up once again on the set of the upcoming drama The Devil All the Time.

This exciting project is actually an adaptation of the novel published by Donald Ray Pollock in 2011. His book was described as “a hauntingly intense portrait of America and a shattering vision of violence and redemption”, and it seems like the movie will have a similar tone.

The story centers on Willard Russell, military veteran who turns to prayer and religious sacrifice in hope he’ll save his dying wife. It features several colorful characters, including Russell’s bullied son Arvin, a serial killer couple Carl and Sandy, a faith-testing preacher Roy, and a corrupt local sheriff, played by Evans.

Marvel actors aren’t the only ones teaming up on the set of The Devil All the Time. This film also stars Robert Pattinson and Mia Wasikowska, who worked together on several occasions in the past. They met on the set of Maps to the Stars in 2014 and reunited for this year’s western Damsel. Production is scheduled to begin in February 2019, with Antonio Campos serving as director.