Everything You Need to Know About Season 2 of “13 Reasons Why”

Netflix has yet to confirm a season two premiere date, however, that doesn’t mean that fans aren’t anxiously holding on to every piece of information released about the series’ forthcoming second season.

A year after 13 Reasons Why debuted on the Netflix, this is everything that is known about the season two so far. 

Season two is all original content. Unlike season one that had a book as its go to for content, Steven Silver, who plays Marcus Cole said that this time they’re “starting from scratch.” Fans will get to see “some of the other characters develop that were not so… developed in season one or in the book.” The plot line is “heading in some dark directions,” according to Dylan Minette. “It’s naturally going to progressively get to a more emotional place due to the nature of the story we’re telling,” he added. 

Season two was in the works before is was even greenlit according to Brian Yorkey, the showrunner and executive producer of the series. “There’s a lot more story to tell and a lot more to learn about these characters and what they go through and what their secrets are,” he explained.  “You know, Hannah made 13 tapes and told us 13 very specific stories, but there’s a lot she didn’t tell us and I want to know more about that, I want to know what her secrets are.”

A couple of weeks ago the streaming giant released a lengthy statement that they are “taking action” and making changes to help parents and teens discuss the difficult issues played out the show. 

“To understand whether and how the series opened dialogue between teens and parents, we commissioned a global research study with Northwestern University’s Center on Media and Human Development, which has an active research focus on the impact of media on children and teens,” Netflix said in the statement. “Today, Northwestern released the results of that study. 71% of teens and young adults found the show relatable, and nearly three-quarters of teen and young adult viewers said the show made them feel more comfortable processing tough topics. Some of the findings were unexpected and profound – more than half of teens reached out to someone to apologize for how they had treated them, and nearly three-quarters of teens said that they tried to be more considerate about how they treated others after watching the show.”At the same time,” the statement continued, “research indicated the majority of parents felt that while the show brought up important topics, they wanted more resources from us.”

This means that the show will look a bit different when it returns as each episode will begin with a custom intro video of the cast out of character, explaining how to get support.

After becoming a huge hit, Netflix and the show’s executives will be going to great lengths to make sure that season two is kept under wraps. Katherine Langford who plays Hannah shared, “This season feels like a very different show, not just because of content, but also just because of the approaches and precautions that we’ve had to take. I think everyone wants to very much protect the story and the content of the story ’cause that makes the TV show engaging and so we are looking after it and we are looking after the stories. We’ve put everything into play, so that the audience can have the best experience possible.”

The premiere date for 13 Reasons Why Season two has yet to be announced.