Exxon Required to Hand Over Documents Regarding Climate Change, Judge Rules

Has Rex Tillerson, former CEO of Exxon Mobil turned US Secretary of State been lobbying against environmental sanctions?

On Wednesday, a judge ruled that that Exxon Mobil must hand in documents to a New York prosecutor investigating whether or not the company has been untruthful to its investors and the general public regarding threat that climate change might impose. The documents subpoenaed include emails by company executives allegedly sent using pseudonyms.

Earlier this month, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman accused former of deliberating over these environmental issues under an alias: Wayne Tracker. Schneiderman suggested that “Wayne Tracker” sent emails from at least 2008 all through to 2015 regarding climate change. The ruling comes 16 months after his office originally issued a subpoena, a spokesperson for Schneiderman has said.

The company must to provide some documents by March 31 to comply with the court order.

Other demands of the order include submitting affidavits and other documents relevant to what Exxon and its lawyers might have known about the potential threats of climate change. In addition, it also seeks to obtain documents that may have been destroyed by the company.

An Exxon spokesperson said the company has already provided more than 400,000 documents – over 2.6 million pages – over to the investigators. It also insists it has since provided the attorney with a comprehensive response.