First details of High School Musical TV series revealed

The first details of the new High School Musical TV series have been revealed.

The Disney revival will feature an entirely new set of characters. Troy, Gabriella, and Sharpay will not be involved in the series, so fans of the High School Musical movie franchise, which ended ten years ago, will be slightly disappointed. Producer Oliver Goldstick and his writers plan to bring a whole set of new faces to the show.

The show will revolve around Ricky, who is a Youtuber and is obsessed with coming up with ideas to make him a quick buck. He will join the drama crew as a ploy to win back his ex-girlfriend Nini, who will explore her natural talent on the show.

Fear not, the film franchise will not be entirely forgotten. The students of East High School will be staging their own version of High School Musical and all the songs from the original films will be featured. How meta is that?

The series will be filmed in the style of a documentary and all the tracks will be remixed to keep things fresh. The show will be exclusively available on Disney’s streaming service.

A release date for the new series has not yet been announced but we’ll keep you posted as more details surface.