Harrison Ford and Lady Gaga Honored with Artists Inspiration Award

Harrison Ford and Lady Gaga may not have a lot in common, but that’s about to change very soon. Both artists will be honored with SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s Artists Inspiration Award this November.

The Star Wars actor and pop sensation will join the ranks of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet who previously received this prestigious award.  Each year, this organization honors two artists who have used their platform to advance humanitarian and philanthropic causes.

SAG-AFTRA Foundation Board President JoBeth Williams couldn’t wait to share the news with the public, but she’ll have to stay patient until November 8 to officially present them with awards.

“We are honored to recognize two of the most iconic and beloved artists worldwide who have not only made indelible impacts on our culture and the arts, but who have chosen to use their influence to make a difference for others,” explained Williams.

The reason Ford is getting the Artists Inspiration Award is the decades of philanthropic service and leadership he has given to Conservation International to help protect our planet. When it comes to Lady Gaga, she impressed the members of SAG-AFTRA Foundation Board by working tirelessly on behalf of young people, focusing on mental wellness and building a kinder, braver world through her Born This Way Foundation.