Hugh Jackman Navigates Troubled Waters In “The Front Runner”

Hugh Jackman is a man of many talents and no matter which one of them he focuses on – he never disappoints. The Australian actor will have another chance to impress us in his upcoming project The Front Runner.

The first trailer for this political drama just dropped, and it’s already generating Oscar buzz. Jackman portrays politician Gary Hart, who was the front-runner for the Democratic ticket in the 1988 presidential election before an extramarital affair completely ruined his reputation.

Director Jason Reitman was attracted to this moment in history because he believes it was the first time tabloid and political journalism drove into the same lane. He wanted to work with Jackman for years, and he saw The Front Runner as the perfect project to join forces with this brilliant artist.

“He resembles Gary Hart, and he feels like a politician. What was exciting for me was the process of watching an actor who fearlessly dives into whatever he’s doing… Whether it’s physicality or fighting or singing or dancing, whatever Hugh Jackman approaches, he does with an immeasurable amount of research and passion,” explained Reitman.

The Front Runner is scheduled for a limited release on November 7, but it will go wide two weeks later. It already had its world premiere at the Telluride Film Festival, and the early reviews are suggesting Jackman gave another Oscar-worthy performance.