Kathy Griffin Will Release Comedy Library on iTunes

And the comeback continues!

Variety reports that Kathy Griffin’s comedy library will be released on iTunes, starting Friday night.

According to the outlet, the Emmy-winning comedian owns the rights to the six seasons of her TV docuseries My Life on the D-List and the two seasons of her talk show Kathy, which will all be available on iTunes. The digital store will feature a total of 23 titles.

“I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to release the majority of my library on iTunes,” Griffin said in a statement to Variety. “One of my goals as an artist has been to own the work I put so much effort into creating and now I get the chance to share it with my fans again. I hope more women in entertainment gain ownership of their work, it’s about time we get what so many of the men in this business get.”

Griffin has a whirlwind couple of years following that 2017 controversial photo where she posed with a faux bloody Donald Trump severed head. But since then the 58-year-old has come with a vengeance in the shape of a sold-out comedy tour, “Laugh Your Head Off.” The tour has earned rave reviews selling more than $4.5 million in tickets.