Katy Perry Tells Fan to “Say Yes!” During a Live and Onstage Marriage Proposal

What seemed like an ordinary meet-and-greet between two of Katy Perry’s fans, was in fact a marriage proposal.

During her concert at the Barclays Center on Wednesday night as part of her Witness Tour, the 32-year-old star called two of her fans to join her on stage. The singer then passed the mic to her fan, also named Katie, who then used the opportunity to propose to her girlfriend, Becky.

A video posted on Twitter by a fellow concertgoer, captured the meet-and-greet that quickly turned romantic. Katie, the fan, turned to the crowd and said, “Well, I don’t know if all of y’all have seen Becky, but she’s pretty even without any makeup on. And she’s perfect every time I look at her.” She then got on one knee and asked for Becky’s hand in marriage.

Perry was so caught up in the moment, that she grabbed the mic back and declared, “say yes, Becky, if you want to get married!” Thrilled to be part of the couple’s special moment, Perry shared a video of the moment on her Instagram Story, writing: “Becky said yes!”