Keira Knightley Leads The Way In Miss World Flick “Misbehaviour”

Keira Knightley will be taking a little break from period dramas to star in an intriguing project set in the world of competitive beauty pageants. She just landed a key role in Misbehaviour, also starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Jessie Buckley.

The upcoming dramedy takes place almost half a century ago, when 100 million viewers around the globe were still tuning in to watch televised beauty pageants. Miss World was at its peak back in the day, but the 1970 competition turned out to be the tipping point. The broadcast was interrupted by representatives of Women’s Liberation Movement, who invaded the stage, claiming beauty pageants such as this one demeaned women. Tensions were still running high once the broadcast resumed, since the results took everyone by surprise. Miss Grenada became the first black woman to be crowned Miss World, beating the Swedish favorite.

Misbehaviour will be directed by Philippa Lowthorpe, BAFTA-winning filmmaker known for her work on Three Girls and Call the Midwife. Gaby Chiappe and Rebecca Frayn will be credited as screenwriters.