Keira Knightley Only Watched “Love Actually” Once!

2003’s Love Actually is one of the most beloved romantic comedies of all time thanks to its ensemble cast, compelling plot and Christmas theme. After it ended its theater run, the movie became a modern Christmas classic, and millions of people gather around a TV each year during the holidays to watch it just one more time. Well, except for one of its stars, Keira Knightley. Watching Love Actually once was quite enough for her.

During a recent appearance at GMA Day, Knightley revealed that she has seen the movie 15 years ago and never again.

“I only saw it once when it first came out,” said the 33-year-old actress. “So, how long ago was that? 15 years ago?”

It turns out that this was part of Keira Knightley’s routine when it comes to her own movies.

“It just feels a bit weird to sit down and watch your own thing, but I’m not in it very much, so actually I’ll watch the rest of it and then I’ll really enjoy it,” she added.

You can check out the video of Knightley’s appearance on GMA Day below.

When it was first released in cinemas, Love Actually wasn’t well received by critics. The audience, however, didn’t care all that much about their opinion, and the movie became a box-office success. It was one of the first breakthrough roles for Keira Knightley, helping her to solidify her popularity and status as one of Britain’s most talented actresses.