Lindsay Lohan and Jonathan Bennett Had a “Mean Girls” Reunion

Lindsay Lohan, who played Cady Heron, and Jonathan Bennett, who played Aaron Samuels in the 2004 cult classic took to Instagram to share their reunion selfie. 

But there’s more to the duo’s reunion than just a selfie. According to Entertainment Weekly, following the premiere of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club the two will join forces in the Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club: After The Show, in which Lohan will answer questions about her Mykonos empire, as well as all of her business ventures, as Bennett hosts. 

Lohan’s docuseries began shooting in July and follows Lohan and partner Panos Spentzos as she expands her business empire in Mykonos, Greece. Lohan boasts three business ventures in Greece. 

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club premieres January 8.