“Little Mermaid Live” Postponed by ABC

The live-musical The Little Mermaid has been postponed by ABC. Originally, it was scheduled for October 3, but no new premiere date has been announced.

The network’s spokesperson shared a statement saying: “We are postponing the Little Mermaid Live special. We love the idea of doing a live musical and want to make it wonderful. The project is so unique that we are making best efforts to do it next year and want to give it all the attention it deserves.”

The live version of The Little Mermaid has been announced back in May. At the time, Rob Mills, ABC’s head of alternative programming, said: “We really wanted to be in the game as well, and we’re Disney and we have this library that has an endless amount of classic musicals that really play to everyone. But that’s a double-edged sword because you are Disney, you have to do it right. You’ve got to do it so you’re honoring the brand. It took time to find the right take on this.”