Marvel Has No Plans For “Fantastic Four”

Will Marvel have the rights for the upcoming “Fantastic Four” announced by 20th Century Fox? Apparently not.

Even though Fox isn’t interested in having the sequel and the doors are open for Marvel to swoop in, they are not interested.

Kevin Feige, the Marvel President, said in an interview with Allocine: “[We have] no plans with the Fantastic Four right now. No discussions about it.”

In another interview with Perception, he said: “My goal is to replicate the experience that comic book fans have reading the books [where characters crossover] up on the screen and we’ve been able to accomplish that beyond my wildest dreams over the last ten years. And certainly, including Spidey in Civil War, in the upcoming Infinity War, is yet another dream that I didn’t even dare to talk about publicly because I thought the odds of it were very slim. So, no plans beyond that for the few remaining characters that aren’t already in the MCU but never say never. Who knows what can happen in the future?”