“Mary Queen of Scots” Trailer Promises Epic Royal Face-Off

Ever wanted to see royal face-off for the ages between Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie? Mary Queen of Scots is here to make your dreams come true! The trailer for the epic period drama just dropped and it will explore the dynamic sibling rivalry over the Scottish throne.

Ronan and Robbie will portray two of history’s most compelling queens – Mary Stuart and Elizabeth I. Queen Mary returns to her homeland in hopes she’ll be able to reign in harmony, but there are many obstacles standing in her way. Elizabeth sees her as a threat, especially after Mary asserts her claim to the English throne. Their relationship quickly turns from friendly to terrifying after their scheming councilors manage to pressure them into pursuing war.

History buffs already expressed their concerns about Mary Queen of Scots, because it’s obvious it won’t be accurate. The two queens exchanged a number of letters over the years, but they never met in person. The upcoming period drama is here to rewrite history and give Mary and Elizabeth I something they’ve never got in the real life – a chance to confront each other face to face.

Mary Queen of Scots will premiere in the US on December 7. Experts already believe it’s one of the most solid Oscar contenders. Ronan and Robbie could easily receive Academy Awards nominations for their portrayal of royal rivals, and this won’t be the first time they’re competing against each other. Their performances in Lady Bird and I, Tonya were both nominated for dozens of Best Actress awards last year.