Matt Damon On Why He and Ben Affleck Didn’t Spend Thanksgiving Together

No need to worry! Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are still BFFs.

Fans finally find out why everyone’s favorite celebrity BFFs didn’t spend Thanksgiving together.

Affleck planned on spending Thanksgiving with Damon and his family who live just down the street in a Los Angeles neighborhood. But it was Damon who bailed on his BFF, when he made plans for Thanksgiving with his family in Boston rather with the Batman star.

Damon tells E! that it wasn’t Affleck’s fault the two spent the day apart saying, “It is not his fault he didn’t spend Thanksgiving with me. It’s my fault that I left. I was in another state.”

Looks like spending X-mas together is also a challenge as Damon is the one with the unconfirmed holiday plans. “I try not see him as much as possible,” he teased, adding, “We may in-fact be in the same area code during Christmas. I try to crash his parties whenever I can, highfalutin affair.”

The two still gush about each other and their friendship, even after 30 years, with Damon describing Matt as “an amazing guy.”

You can watch Matt Damon next in Downsizing, premiering in theaters on December 21.