Meghan Trainor Shares Footage From Her Wedding in New Music Video

If you think you’re done hearing about Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara’s wedding – think again! The singer just dropped a video for her latest single “Foolish”, and it features sweet footage from their beautiful ceremony.

The video for this playful love anthem shows the couple and their guests having the time of their lives at their wedding. This is Trainor’s most personal video to date since all of the footage was shot by her friends and family and her brother Ryan was the one who put the whole thing together.

“Foolish” is one of the songs from Trainor’s new EP The Love Train, which came out on February 8. She described this project as her love story told in six songs, and one of them even played at her wedding as she walked down the aisle.

Meghan Trainor is currently working on her new studio album Treat Myself. She could’ve easily put these songs on her next record, but everyone advised her against it.

“My dad also said there’s way too many love songs on my album, so I tried to split it up. I put them on a cute little EP just to let people know music is still coming – here’s a little taste of what this is going to look like and sound like,” explained Trainor.