Michael B. Jordan Joins Tom Clancy’s New Film Series

Tom Clancy gave us tons of amazing characters over the course of his decades-long career and Michael B. Jordan is getting ready to embody one of the most iconic ones. He just landed the lead role in the upcoming film series about Clancy’s hero John Clark.

Paramount is currently developing two movies based on the novels Rainbow Six and Without Remorse, with Black Panther star in the lead. They’ll center on a former Navy Seal turned CIA operative John Clark, who’s already been portrayed by the likes of Willem Dafoe and Liev Schreiber.

Clancy described him as the dark side of his most iconic character Jack Ryan and someone who’s more inclined to take physical action. Michael B. Jordan sounds like the perfect actor to bring him to life, but he wasn’t the first person the studio took into consideration.

Paramount Pictures started developing this film series all the way back in 2012, and they were reportedly in early negotiations with Tom Hardy. They eventually found the perfect replacement, but the project is still at the early stages of its development.

Without Remorse will serve as the origin story for the character, and tell the tale of how John Clark came to work for the CIA. Paramount is currently meeting with potential writers and directors, so it’s still unclear when we’re going to watch John Clark’s adventures on the big screen.