Mike Epps’ Ex Wants $109k a Month to Support Herself and Their Daughters

Mike Epps’ ex-wife Mechelle asks him for more than $100k per month for supporting herself and their daughter.

As she claims, Mike makes $3.5 million every year, but she has recently been cut off from his bank accounts and credit cards. Mechelle now says Mike never wanted her to work while they were married, and now she’s too old to get a job – at 36.

Mechelle justifies the amount she wants saying she spends several thousand bucks every month for clothes and shoes for their two daughters, aged 12 and 10. When she adds food, vacations, private schools, nanny duties for her mom (only $3,500 per month!), it all adds up to exactly $109,036.

On top of all this, she wants sole possession of their house.

Good luck with that.