New HBO Documentary: William and Harry speak of their mother Princess Diana

The new HBO documentary Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy, will air July 24.

The hour-long film features interviews with the late Princess’ family and friends, among them Sir Elton John. However, it is the interviews with Prince William and Prince Harry, which are the most anticipated part of this new documentary.

This first ever joint interview is a revealing opportunity for the audiences to discover another side of the “people’s princess,” that of a devoted and loving mother. Behind closed doors Princess Diana was full of humor and sometimes even naughty, Harry and William recall.

Looking back on her final days is extremely difficult for the two, as they are not free of any regrets. Harry and William speak of their last conversations with their mother, saying that had they know their time together was about to be cut short, they would not have been so unconcerned with their relationship.

20 years after Princess Diana’s tragic death, the two finally share untold stories and memories of their mother, as she was only seen by them.