P!nk’s speaks of new album “Beautiful Trauma” calling it a “snapshot” of her life

After a 5 year wait, fans will finally get to listen to P!nk’s new LP this fall. Called Beautiful Trauma, the set includes power ballads like the lead single, “What About Us.”

The singer told EW that the only thing she wanted out of the forthcoming collection is to “have an album full of slow, sad songs.” The 38-year-old singer added that it wasn’t much of a choice, rather that “that’s all [she] had for a while. And I just wanted to record better than I have before. I’ve never been that great of a recorder.”

This will be P!nk’s 7th studio album, saying that the album is definitely a reflection of all that’s changed in the world and in her world as well. “I had a lot of time to live my life between records this time, more than I’ve ever had before, she said adding that “each album is a snapshot of where you are at that time, if you’re being honest.”

Some might consider P!nk’s life on a farm, being a soccer mom for the past four years, doing bake sales and lemonade stands to be ironically unorthodox for a singer of her caliber, however, to her all that matters is that she gets to be who she is; she gets to be create and write songs saying that it simply feels rad doing what she does.