Queen Elizabeth Shares Memories of Her 1953 Coronation to Mark 65th Anniversary

2018 marks a very special anniversary for the Royal family.

This year marks the 65th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. The ceremony, which took place in 1953 at Westminster Abbey, crowned Elizabeth queen and head of the monarch at the age of 25.

To commemorate the anniversary, the Queen will take part in a new BBC One and Royal Collection Trust series. The monarch will make a rare appearance as she talked with royal commentator Alastair Bruce about her coronation. She shared memories from the day that changed her life.

“I’ve seen one coronation, and been the recipient in the other, which is pretty remarkable,” the Queen said, witnessing her father’s ascension to the thrown at the age of 11. According to BBC, the series opens with an hour-long episode about the Crown Jewels and the coronation ceremony. It will also feature various accounts from participants in the ceremony including a maid of honor and a choirboy.

BBC’s director of content, Charlotte Moore, said: “In her own words, the Queen will bring to life the enduring symbolic importance of the coronation ceremonies for modern audiences to enjoy.”

The Coronation will be screened on BBC on 14 January.