Rob Lowe’s sons compete in the “Best Son Challenge” on The Tonight Show

On Monday, Rob Lowe and his two sons, Johnny and Mathew sat down with The Tonight Show’s host Jimmy Fallon to promote their upcoming show, The Lowe Files.

Their new show will see the Lowe family traveling to America, where they will take the road to investigate and explore America’s modern myths, legends and scary stories.

Being a family affair, Fallon decided to put the son’s knowledge of their father to the test in the “Best Son Challenge.” A take on the Newlywed Game, John and Matthew had to answer questions about their father, writing them on a piece of paper and displaying them to see whether they managed to answer correctly.

While they were off to a good start, guessing Rob’s pick for the one movie he would choose to watch for the rest of his life, pretty soon it was quite clear that neither John nor Matthew know Rob as well as they thought.

Even though Matthew earned it a little more than John, both were awarded the title of Best Son.

The Lowe Files will premiere August 2, on A&E.