Ruth Wilson & Matt Bomer Will Play the Leads in “The Book Of Ruth”

Ruth Wilson. Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock (10286481hy)

The Book Of Ruth has set its leads as Ruth Wilson and Matt Bomer.

The film is based on the true story of Ruth Coker Burks (Wilson), a single mother and devout Christain living in 1980s Arkansas during the time of the AIDS epidemic. Burks learns about AIDS from her handsome neighbor (Bomer) who’s moved back from New York after his life partner passes away from the disease. Burks decides to become an activist and caregiver to help those suffering from AIDS in America.

Michael Arden, who was nominated for two Tony Awards as a theater director will helm the film, which will make it his feature film debut.

“It’s a great honor and privilege to tell this important story about the responsibility one human has to another, especially in a time of crisis. As a gay man, I feel that Ruth’s story of empathy in the face of great prejudice and adversary is one so needed in our modern time,” Arden said when discussing the film.

The Book Of Ruth will start filming this year.