Selena Gomez Talks of the Year She Took Off and How it Changed Everything

Selena Gomez spoke with Instyle’s editor in chief, Laura Brown about the year that changed everything.

Gomez just turned 25, however, she explains that to her age is truly just a number, and that sometimes she wishes that numbers didn’t matter that much. As one of Disney Channel’s most popular stars, however, she did add that she does not recommend being part of the industry at a young age.

The 25-year-old singer says the year she chose to cancel her Revival World Tour in order to take time off, as she put it, everything she cared about, was the best choice she has ever made. After deciding to take 90 days off to treat the side effects of lupus, like anxiety and depression, Gomez felt healthy and capable to go forward with life.

In November she hit the red carpet again at the American Music Awards, feeling stronger. While she admits that going out there again was overwhelming, she did it for her fans, so they know that there’s no shame in taking care of yourself.

Taking care of her well-being also means a changed attitude towards social media. The singer lost interest in giving into the pressure that women have to be perfect and has chosen to present a more candid image of herself. This also meant figuring out who she really was and allowing herself to simply be real. Now she uses social media to connect with people on a more real level, while proactively learning how to stand strong against negativity and criticism.

Gomez is working hard to balance the things that she loves: music, family, friends, fans and of course The Weekend, whom she’s been dating since last year. She told Instyle that she no longer depends on one thing to make her happy, especially not a guy. To this she added she feels very lucky to have him not only as a boyfriend but also as her best friend.