“Solo: A Star Wars Story” Character Names and Settings Revealed

The images of the new LEGO box art that were recently uploaded online revealed some details about the Han Solo origin spin-off. They were low-quality at first, so we couldn’t see everything.

Now, the new set of images shows what will the new character names be. The names were confirmed by Jeremy Conrad on Reddit.

This is not an official source, however, we can take some guesses. This is what we now know: Woody Harrelson’s character, a mentor to Han Solo, will be named Tobias Beckett. You’ve probably heard about a Kira/Kura appearing in the spin-off, but Emilia Clarke’s character will actually be named Qi’Ra. Harley Durst will appear as Moloch while Ian Kenny’s character will be named Rebolt. The last two characters revealed by the LEGO set are Thandie Newton’s Quay Tolsite and Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s droid DD-BD.