The Spice Girls Won’t be Going on Tour According to Victoria Beckham

Last week all five of the Spice Girls reunited in a new photo captioned with “The time now feels right to explore some incredible new opportunities together.”

This pic was followed by a swarm of rumors of a possible Spice Girls tour, but now, Victoria Beckham is putting those speculations to rest.

Posh Spice has gone on record telling the world that she and the rest of the gang will definitely not be hitting the road anytime soon.

During a preview of her autumn/winter 2018 collection, she said to Vogue, “I’m not going on tour. The girls aren’t going on tour.” Fans worldwide went crazy after Mel C, Mel B, Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell, and Beckham met up for lunch in London, after which they released this statement:

“We have enjoyed a wonderful afternoon catching-up and reminiscing about the amazing times we have spent together. We are always overwhelmed at how much interest there is across the whole world for The Spice Girls. The time now feels right to explore some incredible new opportunities together. We all agree that there are many exciting possibilities that will once again embrace the original essence of The Spice Girls, while reinforcing our message of female empowerment for future generations.”

While a tour was ruled out by Posh, it remains to be seen what “new opportunities” actually means for the Spice Girls.