“Suits” Renewed for 9th and Final Season

 USA Network recently treated us with some bittersweet news regarding their legal drama, Suits. The network announced on Wednesday that the series is getting renewed for the ninth season, but that this will also be its last. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the last season will contain 10 episodes and will air at some point in 2019.

“Though I know it isn’t true, it seems like only yesterday USA Network took a chance on an unestablished writer’s very first hourlong script. These days that’s a common thing, but 47 years ago when I first wrote the untitled Korsh project, nobody did it,” said showrunner and creator Aaron Korsh in a statement. “Nobody except the people at USA and UCP.”

Korsh went on to thank everyone who took part in the creation of the show, including its producers, writers, and cast.

“Suits has played an instrumental role in our network’s DNA for nearly a decade,” USA Network president Chris McCumber added. “I and everyone at USA Network sincerely thank Aaron Korsh, our partners at UCP and the entire Suits family for their tremendous creativity, devotion and support over a truly amazing run.”

While Suits is wrapping up this year, that doesn’t mean we will have to say goodbye to all of its characters and stories. A spinoff centering on Suits’ Jessica Pearson, portrayed by Gina Torres, have been recently greenlit on USA Network and will premiere in 2019. According to the brief synopsis, the show will follow “powerhouse lawyer Jessica Pearson, as she enters the dirty world of Chicago politics.”