“Supergirl” Makes TV History with its Latest Casting Move

New caped crusaders are constantly coming to Arrowverse, but the latest superhero to join them is here to change the course of history. Nicole Maines has just been cast as Dreamer in Supergirl, becoming the first ever trans superhero on television.

Maines is a newcomer to the world of acting, but her face may seem familiar. The young activist made the headlines in 2013, after winning a Maine Supreme Court case, which ruled that transgender people can use bathrooms of their choice. Maines was a hero in real life even during her high school days, so she definitely fits the part. She will play Nia Nal aka Dreamer, a soulful young transgender woman with a fierce drive to protect others.

“It feels fitting to say with great power, comes great responsibility. I’m nervous because I want to do it right. It’s such an important issue right now in our society and in the world. And so it seems only fitting that we have a trans superhero for trans kids to look up to.”

Maines hopes TV viewers will get a better understanding of transgender people thanks to her casting. She believes trans representation exists, but it’s not the right kind of representation and that’s about to change.

“We can be whoever we want, we can do whatever we want, we can be superheroes because in many ways we are.” said the Supergirl actress.