Thriller 3D Remake to Premiere in Venice Film Festival

Finally, Michael Jackson fans have something to be thrilled about as director John Landis’ 3D rendition of the iconic 14-minute Thriller music video will premiere at the upcoming Venice Film Festival.

This was originally announced in 2014 as a backdrop to be used on Jackson’s This Is It Tour, however, due to a legal dispute the release of the 3D version was delayed. Landis, who directed the 1983 original for a reported 500,000 dollars, released a statement on Monday saying that he looking to take “full advantage of the remarkable advances in technology to add new dimensions to both the visual and the audio bringing it to a whole new level.” He added that unlike the original, which was shot traditionally, this time around he “was able to use the 3D creatively,” warning fans to expect “a rather shocking surprise in there.”

The Venice Film Festival begins August 30, and alongside the premiere of the new Thriller music video, there will be a screening of the Making of Michael Jackson’s Thriller documentary that first aired the same year the original music video was released.