U.C. San Diego Develops Acne Vaccine

A professor at University of California, San Diego, has successfully developed a vaccine that can take control acne, in what is being called ” the first vaccine for human beauty”.

NBC 7 was told by Prof. Eric Huang of the Department of Dermatology “I think this vaccine has a huge market in the whole world”, explaining that acne is caused by an overgrowth of the p. acnes bacteria inside a lesion, and when the bacteria introduces a toxin called Christie-Atkins-Munch-Peterson (CAMP), it causes inflammation. While humans can’t counterbalance this factor by itself, this new vaccine can.

Two types were developed: Therapeutic and preventative, to be given to children in elementary school.

The vaccine has been tested on mice and worked well, and is aiming to collaborate with a pharmaceutical company for large-scale clinical trials; once these are reviewed by the FDA and approved, the vaccine could be available as soon as within the next three to five years.