“This Is Us” creator drops hints about final three episodes of the season

With three more episodes left in the second season after Jack Pearson’s death, This Is Us fans just can’t wait to finally know what’s in store for the season’s finale.

After an emotional couple of episode’s with Jack’s death and Jack’s funeral, fans got three weeks off to recuperate thanks to the series hiatus due to the Winter Olympics. Now, after the preview footage that shows a bachelor and bachelorette parties in Las Vegas, creator Dan Fogelman says that they’re “building towards a wedding, presumably.”

“We have three episodes left in the season, and we wanted to show a bunch of things. We wanted to live in a regular episode of the series and show you, ‘Here’s how the show could exist as it did before and be really fulfilling — hopefully also have some lightness and some fun.’ We feel like fans almost deserve a break because it’s been really heavy.”

In order to get better acquainted with a character that fans of the show “don’t know that well,” continues Fogelman, “we take that approach of giving somebody an episode and learning their story.”

Of the finale, he said, “Ultimately, we’re culminating at a big, moving family event, which would presumably be Kate’s wedding.”

As fans are still coping with the slow cooker that sparked tragedy, all that remains to do is hope we get to see the Pearson’s going through some better times.