Our verdict on “Deadpool 2?” Absolutely hilarious

Ryan Reynolds in "Deadpool 2." Photo by J Lederer/20th Century Fox/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock (9691437n)

Like its predecessor, Deadpool 2 is as much an edgy comedy as it is a superhero movie. The feature frequently breaks the fourth wall for comedic effect and satirizes its fellow superhero movies in the Marvel franchise. The fact that the movie’s villain, Cable, is played by Josh Brolin, who also played Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, does not go unmentioned by Deadpool (Ryan Reynalds). It seems that anything we could criticize in the movie, Deadpool makes a joke out of first.

The plot is also significantly richer than the first Deadpool. Cable travels from the future to take down teenage-mutant Russell Collins (Julian Dennison) aka ‘Firefist’ before he can kill his family. Deadpool takes on the challenge of not only saving Russell but of deterring him from the path of evil.

A big highlight of the movie is the eclectic group of whacky characters that Deadpool assembles for his “super-group” of heroes which he jestingly names the “X-force”. Domino (Zazie Beatz) deserves a shout-out for his extremely entertaining performance and Brad Pitt’s clever cameo as Marvel’s ‘Vanisher’ is also definitely worth a mention.

To top off the genuinely exciting, laugh-out-loud feature, the after-credit scenes are some of the best yet in the Marvel franchise. In one of them, Deadpool goes back in time to kill the other version of himself in Wolverine Origins in order to ‘clean up the timeline.’

All in all, Deadpool 2 is funnier, more exciting and quite honestly better than the former Deadpool movie in every way. It’s also a refreshing break from the intensity of Avengers: Infinity War and DC’s Justice League.