“Vikings” to End After Season 6

Vikings will be ending its run after six seasons. 

History’s hit scripted drama is wrapping with the upcoming 20-episode sixth season being its last.The show is currently half way through its fifth season. 

But there is some hope for Vikings fans as the series creator Michael Hirst and studio MGM Television are in talks for a possible spinoff series. Deadline reports that a new series might hail from the same creative team as the original series and would potentially continue the Vikings story.

Meanwhile, fans can expect nothing short of extraordinary from the season five finale set to air this month. 

“There is an extraordinary twist right at the end of the season, which brings about a change that you just haven’t seen coming, that seemed impossible,” Hirst teased in November. “So basically, you will experience, as you watch it, very unexpected twists and turns. But right at the end, there is something that — a story changing, and you can’t see that coming.”

The sixth and final season of Vikings is expected to debut later this year.