Zendaya Appears On Her First Vogue Cover


The 20-year-old Disney Channel star Zendaya has finally gained her first Vogue cover on July issue of the famed fashion magazine, appearing with bangs that frame her beautiful face and sporting a black and white feathered knee-length halter dress from Calvin Klein 2017 Fall collection, according to E! News.

Zendaya was dubbed as the “ultimate style chameleon, able to pull off virtually any look.” She also showcases other stylish looks, such as Alexander Mcqueen sequined top, a Prada coat, and a Dolce & Gabbana jacket and bodysuit.

The Spider-Man: Homecoming actress also highlights famous looks from the 20’s up to present while dancing in a fashion video for the elite magazine.

Zendaya became famous in the Disney Channel series Shake It Up! and later starred in K.C. Undercover. She opened up to Vogue about her acting career, recounting how she negotiated her current TV role at age 16 and changed it to make it more empowering for women.

The American actress said her terms with Disney Channel include making her a producer, featuring a family of color on the show, have her character be “martial arts-trained” and “be able to do everything that a guy can do” and changing the working title name from Super Awesome Katy.

“I was like, ‘The title is whack. That’s gonna change,'” she shared.

“A lot of people don’t realize their power,” Zendaya said. “I have so many friends who say yes to everything or feel like they can’t stand up for themselves in a situation…no: You have the power.”