Aaron Paul is Joining Season 3 of “Westworld”

Just when we thought the cast of Westworld couldn’t get any better, the creative masterminds behind the hit series proved us wrong. Aaron Paul just joined this mind-bending drama, but there’s a lot of mystery surrounding his role.

The triple Emmy winner announced his casting by tweeting “I feel like I’m in a dream Dolores. Can you wake me up from this dream?  #Westworld”. It’s still unclear if he’s going to play a host or one of the members of the Delos board.

Paul rose to prominence after winning the part of Jesse Pinkman in the cult series Breaking Bad. His character was beating heart of this sublime TV drama, and Paul was the main reason why. He was awarded three Emmy awards and received one Golden Globe nomination, as well.

Paul secured one of the lead roles on the hit animated series BoJack Horseman after Breaking Bad wrapped up. He tried to become Hollywood’s next leading man with his star-vehicle Need for Speed, but it didn’t really work out.

TV always suited him better, and he decided to make a comeback with Hulu’s drama The Path, starring Hugh Dancy and Michelle Monaghan. It was canceled after three seasons, and Paul immediately started landing roles in new projects, including the upcoming season of Westworld.