Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen Set to Host CNN’s New Year’s Eve Again

The entertaining duo is back!

CNN announced Tuesday that Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen will co-host the network’s 2018 New Year’s Eve celebration. This will be Cooper and Cohen’s second time as co-hosts. Cohen landed the gig in 2017 after Cooper’s co-host Kathy Griffin was fired for posing in that aux Donald Trump head controversial photo.

New Year’s Eve Live with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen will begin its live coverage from New York City’s Times Square at 8 PM on Monday, December 31.

“Getting to ring in the New Year with Andy is a total joy and I can’t wait for the big night!” Cooper said in a statement, while Cohen said, “Who would’ve thought 25 years of friendship would lead to an almost-tradition of co-hosting New Year’s Eve on CNN!?” The host of Bravo’s Watch What Happen’s Live added that he’s very excited to spend New Year’s with his friend again. He also promised not to complain about the bitter cold.

According to Deadline, last year’s New Year’s Eve celebration was CNN’s highest-rated New Year’s Eve Special on record.