Another Pyramid Has Been Uncovered in Egypt

An archaeological excavation team in Egypt has discovered what seems to be a hidden pyramid which they believe dates back to the 13th Dynasty, about 3,700 years ago, by the Dahshur royal necropolis 25 miles south of Cairo.

Both its corridor and a surviving block engraved with 10 lines of hieroglyphic inscription are in good condition, according to reports by Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities.

According to reports the BBC, the excavation team will continue its dig and estimate its full size and collect as much data as possible. Ahram Online reports that, aside from the corridor and block of text, they have so far uncovered hall extending to a southern ramp, as well as a room to the west.

This block was found within the 13th dynasty pyramid in Egypt and bears the name of pharaoh Ameny Qemau, who ruled about 3,800 years ago (Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities)
Within the remains of the pyramid, archaeologists found a corridor with steps (Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities)
Only part of the pyramid’s inner structure survives today (Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities)