Apple Releases “The Morning Show” Teaser

The first trailer for Apple’s The Morning Show is finally here. 

The trailer features the series’ leads — Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell and Reese Witherspoon in photographs and posters in hallway, dressing rooms, and the control room, as well as overlapping lines of dialogue from all three actors.

“Through the prism of those under-slept, over-adrenalized people in front of and behind the camera, we take an honest look at the complex relationships between women and men in the workplace, and we engage in the conversation people are a little too afraid to have unless they’re behind closed doors,” Aniston said.

Aniston and Witherspoon are set to portray “two ambitious, aspirational female characters,” while Carell portrays Mitch Kessler, an anchor “struggling to maintain relevancy in the ever-changing media world.”

Apple also confirmed Monday that The Morning Show will debut exclusively on Apple TV Plus this fall.