Ariana Grande Rules the Universe in Empowering New Video

Every once in a while we get an epic music video that leaves the whole world puzzled. That’s exactly the case with Ariana Grande’s latest song “God Is a Woman.” The video for this feminist anthem just dropped and it’s filled with dozens of head-spinning pop culture and historical references.

The main theme of Ari’s new single is pretty clear from the very start. As we watch her spinning in the middle of the Milky Way, it’s obvious she’s trying to say feminine energy is at the center of the universe. She repeats the same message throughout the game-changing video. Some of the most striking visual scenes feature Grande bathing in pastel-colored paints, deflecting the insults launched at her by a group of tiny men and literally crashing the glass ceiling.

If that doesn’t seem impressive enough, Ariana’s new song also features a surprise monologue from Madonna. Queen of Pop can be heard reciting the Ezekiel 25:17 passage, Bible verse that was made famous by Pulp Fiction. One of the most bizarre scenes features a family of screaming gophers. Singer’s fans are still trying to fathom the meaning behind that crazy moment.

God Is a Woman is the second single from Ari’s upcoming album Sweetener, which is due out on August 17. The new song cemented its status as the most anticipated record of the summer, and Arianators can’t wait to hear what else she’s got in store.