Ariana Grande Reveals She Wrote Three Versions of “thank u, next”

It turns out that Ariana Grande’s massive hit single “thank u, next” would have sounded a lot different if the singer’s relationship with comedian Pete Davidson lasted a bit longer. In a recent appearance on The Zach Sang Show, Grande discussed the title track of her latest album and revealed that she wrote three versions of the song.

“thank u, next,” which talks about Grande’s previous relationship, was released in October 2018 and ended up becoming a huge hit. The track topped the charts in more than 10 countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom.

According to the “7 Rings” singer, her and Davidson’s relationship was “up and down” at the time when she wrote the song, so she had to adjust the lyrics depending on that.

“In my relationship by the time things were, like, up and down and on and off and so I didn’t know what was gonna happen,” Grande explained. “And then we got back together and so I had to make a different version of it. And then we broke up again and so we ended up going with that version.”

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson had a brief but highly-publicized relationship during which they were engaged. The engagement was called off in October 2018 when the couple also ended the relationship.

“There’s a version where I was getting married. There’s a version where I’m not getting married. There’s a version with nothing, we’re not talking about anything,” the 25-year-old pop star revealed. “But we all knew the first version was gonna be the version we ultimately went with… I just wanted to cover all the bases.”

You can check out Grande’s full appearance on The Zach Sang Show below.