The Battle of Hanukkah Songs: HAIM vs. Adam Sandler

HAIM is coming for Adam Sandler with their own amazing Hanukkah song!

The band celebrated the first day of the holiday with interesting declaration. The band took to Twitter on Tuesday sharing a snippet of their own Hanukkah song announcing that they’re planning to dethrone Adam Sandler.

HAIM is of course referring to Sandler’s most famous Hanukkah song, simply titled “The Hanukkah song” which he performed on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update in 1994. The song became an instant hit.

With references to latkes, Manischewitz and the Torah, all that remains to be seen is if HAIM’s catchy “Light me up like I’m a menorah will be good enough to take over Sandler’s Hanukkah throne.