“Better Call Saul” Renewed for Season 5

Now that’s what you call a series renewal announcement!

Better Call Saul has been renewed for season five and it seems star Bob Odenkirk simply couldn’t contain his excitement. 

Odenkirk shocked when he dropped his pants showing his bare backside at the Television Critics Association’s press tour in Beverly Hills on Saturday revealing a temporary tattoo in celebration of the Breaking Bad sequel’s upcoming new season. 

According to EW while on stage Odenkirk proved his devotion to the show by mooning his new ink of the show’s title with a heart drawn around it and season’s four premiere date, August 6.

“See that?” Odenkirk asked. “I’m a real company man. I want everybody to know when it’s coming back. It was such a long wait. So where can I put the information where everybody will see it?”

While on stage, Odenkirk added that the upcoming season “moves faster” than previous seasons, adding that “the first episode is a slow burn but after that, it moves as fast as possible.”