Blake Lively Opens Up in Glamour’s September Issue

It’s easy to think that successful and beautiful actresses like Blake Lively live absolutely perfect and worry-free lives. In Glamour’s September issue, the 29-year-old actress speaks of just how problematic that idea is. Lively told Glamour that she thinks it really comes down to recognizing that women are simply more complex than that.

As a public figure, Lively explained that however the media chooses to portray her and her husband Ryan Reynolds, people must keep in mind that that simply isn’t real life.

The All I See Is You star also opened up about her anxiety before interviews, saying that she worries which narrative will be picked to be presented, adding that regardless, these narratives stick. In an attempt to control their own narratives as a real couple rather than couple characters, Lively and Reynolds take to social media to show off their silly side. Her husband is somewhat of a Twitter master as his tweets about fatherhood his daughter are well known for their fantastically honest humor.

Seven years into their marriage, Lively says reveals that the fact that the two were friends for two years before they even started dating, has been helpful in dealing with conflict. As well as turning to friends or family, she feels that they can work through things by speaking very openly since, besides being husband and wife, they are also best friends.