Bryan Cranston Wants to Return to the “Breaking Bad” Universe

The role of Walter White in the cult series Breaking Bad opened many doors for Bryan Cranston and he’s open to the possibility of playing this character again. The actor admitted he would be willing to return to this world in a heartbeat – if anyone ever asked him to come back.

Rumors of a possible Breaking Bad film started circling last year, while the spin-off series, Better Call Saul, is still going strong. Cranston would be thrilled to appear in either of these projects if Vince Gilligan decided he wants him there.

“From a realistic standpoint, if I got called to do the movie or Better Call Saul, which I don’t know would ever happen – I really don’t – I would do it in a second. My experience on Breaking Bad changedmy life and my professional life. It gave me opportunities that would not have come,” said the actor during an interview on SiriusXM.

Bryan Cranston had no trouble securing new roles after Breaking Bad wrapped up in 2013. He appeared in blockbusters Godzilla and Power Rangers and received his first Oscar nomination for the role in Trumbo.