“Captain Marvel” Crosses the $1 Billion Mark in the Box Office

Marvel gave us one of their most ground-breaking projects to date in Captain Marvel, and their first female-led superhero flick certainly delivered. After less than a month in theaters, the movie already crossed the $1 billion mark!

This is monumental success for the MCU, since Captain Marvel happens to be one of the very few female-led films of any genre to achieve this milestone. This box office threshold comes to show that big blockbusters with female leads can be financially viable when given a chance.

Many people went to see Captain Marvel because they wanted to see how this brand-new superhero affects the outcome of the upcoming movie Avengers: Endgame. Others showed up because it was the first MCU film that gave them a hero they can relate to, portrayed by Oscar-winner Brie Larson who couldn’t say no to this part.

“When the opportunity came to play Captain Marvel, this symbol of feminism, I saw it as an opportunity to play this empowering role for women. I saw this role and this film as an important step, and I wanted to be a part of it,” explained Larson.