Carmen Chaplin to Direct Documentary on Grandfather Charlie Chaplin

A new project, currently in development, will explore Charlie Chaplin’s Romani heritage, something he was proud of but was often overlooked, according to his great-granddaughter and film’s director, Carmen Chaplin. 

Per the producers’ statement, the theatrical documentary feature, titled Charlie Chaplin, a Man of the World, “radically reinterprets Chaplin’s oeuvre from a Romani perspective and examines the persecution of gypsies through his lens.”

“Determined to subvert audience expectations of a documentary on the silent film master… the storytellers envisage a dynamic fusion of animation, film excerpts, interviews with artists and Chaplin’s children, and cinema verité footage of Roma life today coming together to a soundtrack of new interpretations of Chaplin’s original compositions,” the filmmakers added in a statement.

Carmen Chaplin will direct from a screenplay she co-wrote with Amaia Remírez.