Daniel Radcliffe Shares His Thoughts on Possible “Harry Potter” Reboot

Many of the Harry Potter fans feel it would be a blasphemy to reboot this beloved franchise, but the actor who spent his formative years playing our favorite boy wizard doesn’t seem to agree.

Unlike the fans who are still clinging to the past, Daniel Radcliffe is ready to face the harsh reality and come to terms with the fact that a Harry Potter
reboot is almost inevitable.

The actor said he’s sure we’ll get to see some new versions of this magical world and admitted he expects to watch some other actors playing the character that put him on the map. Radcliffe believes it will be interesting to see how the old movies age, but he wouldn’t be surprised if they got remade in the future.

“It feels like there’s a sacredness around them at the moment but that’ll go, the shine will wear off at some point. It’ll be interesting if they reboot them and just do the films again or do a series; I’m fascinated to watch,” explained Radcliffe.

The majority of fans who read his statement weren’t on the same page, but they were open to the possibility of seeing the Potterverse expand through new spin-offs.