“Dexter” Revival Trailer: Dexter Leads New Life, But He’s Up to His Old Ways

Michael C. Hall and Clancy Brown in
Michael C. Hall and Clancy Brown in "Dexter: New Blood"

Dexter fans have something to look forward to as the revival is coming on November 7. The first trailer was just released.

Michael C. Hall will be reprising his role as serial killer Dexter Morgan in Dexter: New Blood and maybe we’ll get the ending we were hoping for after the disappointing one in the series finale.

In the trailer we see Dexter starting a new life as Jim Linsday, a popular man in the community, but he can’t let go of his urges to kill. Dexter’s carrying a leather knife, which indicates he can’t shake his past.

“It’s come up in different forms,” Hall said about the revival at Comic-Con. “It never felt quite right in terms of the story that was presented or in terms of the timing. But, I think, along with everybody on this panel and along with everybody who’s ever watched the show and is a fan of the show, I myself have also wondered what the hell happened to this guy. And I think enough has time has passed and the storytelling opportunities were a lot more interesting for having more time between the end and now.”

Dexter aired for eight seasons from 2006 to 2013.

Watch the trailer below.