Dr. Dre Is Making a Movie About Marvin Gaye

Dr. Dre is bringing fans a movie about the Motown legend. 

The rapper is working on a new biopic about iconic musician Marvin Gaye, who died in 1984 after being shot by his father. 

While waiting for Jamie Foxx’s limited series about Gaye to materialize, Dr. Dre has secured the rights to Gaye’s musical catalog as well as the singer’s estate’s blessing. 

Dre, whose real name is Andre Young, film credits include the 2015 Straight Outta Compton. The film chronicles NWA’s origin story in southern California and was nominated for best original screenplay at the 2016 Academy Awards. 

Previous attempts to dramatize the singer’s life story include Cameron Crowe, James Gandolfini and Scott Rudin. There’s also a documentary featuring never-before-seen footage titled What’s Going On. Scheduled to go be released in 2017 the project is still gestating.

This version of Gaye’s life is reportedly in the early stages of development.